r/irishpersonalfinance Sep 21 '21

What age are you, and how much is in your pension(s)? Retirement

With pensions in the news, I thought this would be an interesting discussion.

I am 30, and have 1 pension that currently contains €62,399.

I currently contribute 15% and my employer contributes 6%. Come January, I will up my contribution to 20%. I would have 2 pensions, but I merged them as my current one has much lower fees. My pension is 100% in Indexed Global Equity.


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u/[deleted] Sep 21 '21

26 and €0. I'm starting mine in January.

Who are all these mid 20 year old with these good salaries and tens of thousands in their pensions lol. Just more of them who browse this subreddit I suppose.


u/Economy-Mark726 Feb 11 '22

Hi there. Came across this while scrolling. Wondering if you got your pension started?


u/[deleted] Apr 18 '22

Nope. I left that job and started another one with no benefits whatsoever. So now I am going back to education for a career change. i'll get it started eventually....