r/irishpersonalfinance Sep 21 '21

What age are you, and how much is in your pension(s)? Retirement

With pensions in the news, I thought this would be an interesting discussion.

I am 30, and have 1 pension that currently contains €62,399.

I currently contribute 15% and my employer contributes 6%. Come January, I will up my contribution to 20%. I would have 2 pensions, but I merged them as my current one has much lower fees. My pension is 100% in Indexed Global Equity.


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u/Outside_Tradition972 Sep 21 '21

46 and nothing


u/[deleted] Sep 21 '21

You're not alone. I'm just completing my PhD and there's no such thing as a pension fund.. my savings are just a cushion for any potential accidents to the family. Now please don't tell me you're only joking there and make me feel worse.


u/Outside_Tradition972 Sep 22 '21

Not joking at all bro youre still young and will have more time than me to get it sorted