r/irishpersonalfinance Sep 21 '21

What age are you, and how much is in your pension(s)? Retirement

With pensions in the news, I thought this would be an interesting discussion.

I am 30, and have 1 pension that currently contains €62,399.

I currently contribute 15% and my employer contributes 6%. Come January, I will up my contribution to 20%. I would have 2 pensions, but I merged them as my current one has much lower fees. My pension is 100% in Indexed Global Equity.


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u/highgiant1985 Sep 21 '21

I'm 36 and paying 20% of my salary in at the moment with my employer paying in 7%. My pension fund is 159k currently.

I'm curious about how much other people have as well as when you look at the pension calculators it always feel like the fund is never enough.


u/0mad Sep 21 '21

Pension calculators are impossible! It is very hard to know if we are on track or not. I am going to keep up my AVCs and see where I end up anyways.

Is there an Irish "need X in pension by age Y" guide I wonder?


u/fungie89 Sep 24 '21

They are also very pessimistic as it's in their interest (and yours, let's face it) to put more money in.

I just use a compound interest calculator.


u/phate101 Sep 21 '21

On my providers site, Aon, they have a nice calculator that projects your pension amount based on current contributions and factoring in inflation and some other stuff that I don’t get.