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Discussion 'Hilda and the Mountain King' discussion


The movie is out on Netflix now! https://www.netflix.com/title/81150180

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Discussion On show ' Leaks '


hey everyone !

I do just want to caution everyone against sharing leaks ! they actually *DAMAGE* the production and often people will get into trouble for breaking NDA contracts. When you see them, its not a cause to celebrate as they can come with some actual consequences. ESPECIALLY if something gets spread around a lot ! I have seen people lose their jobs over leaks before on other shows and its just a good thing for animation fans to know - not just for hilda but for any show!

We're all under a contract not to share these things, so when you see them it could come with some very legal fine print for the person who did share. We are in a business after all, its not about keeping things from fans, its about doing our job which we need to pay our bills !

im super excited everyone is happy for news though, and we do want support in spreading it around! but please make sure its coming from the actual source otherwise a well meaning mistake can turn into something bigger for the person who shared.

thank you <3


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Art On 26th of September 2003 I was born. I wanted to post it yesterday, but God said otherwise. Thanks for all upboted art! I'll keep getting better.

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Art Ok, for a long long time I've been wanting to draw the map of realms from my AU and this drawing took me so long to finish that I dropped it halfway through BUT I finally picked it up again and finished!!! I present to you: Yggdrasil and its realms.

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Meme A low quality hilda fandom meme


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Meme Beat Ahlberg Challenge: Impossible

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Art What if... your past never left you (physically and mentally)?

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Writing Obligatory Remorse 2 post


My tumblr and AO3 followers have been pushing me to actually post here, instead of lurk, so I thought I'd shill Remorse 2, the sequel to my 2018 fanfic, Remorse of an Adventurer, updating on the 15th of each month, except when I'm late. It's a slightly less angsty continuation of a very angsty fic, now focusing on Hilda and her new family, David, Frida, and Alfur.

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Discussion In defence of David, Frida and Johanna


Lots of people have mixed feelings about David, Frida and Johanna, and how they were handled. Many say David was too cowardly in Season 2, and Frida was who she was in The Ghost, she got scot-free and she was too perfect in Season 2, and Johanna was alot more protective and more unfair towards Hilda. Well, it is time i argue the opposite one

David: According to many people, David in Season 2 was really inconsistent, for "The Windmill" and "The Yue Lads" where he was liked, and "The Eternal Warrior" and "The Jorts Incident" where he was dubbed "a coward". First of all, that is the point of changes and growing up, they are very inconsistent. They just are never going to just go uphill all the time, there are times when you don't act like what you have learnt, what you have experienced, but it is okay. Sometimes, even if you tried so hard to grow up, it is hard and inconsistent to do so, and it is never a straight path anyway. Secondly, "The Eternal Warriors"? What are you talking about? Obviously, David was scared af, and a bit of a coward, but didn't he wander into the midnight, join the Vikings as a messager and run into a deadly battlefield (with an extremely terrified and cowardly face, yes, but come on!)? If "brave" means "fearless" as you say... David's head got chopped... twice just to prove why it is bad

Frida: By far the most controversial main character, she is always left with a comment "a perfectionist, lashing out to David and Hilda, her flaws are ignored in Season 2 and The Mountain King". About the perfectionism... i myself was one. I was like Frida, and i knew exactly how it was like to be like her. She was pressured alot, unsure by who (i pressured myself to do so), maybe by her mum, but, the sad part is, it is very obvious from the start. She always aimed to get as many Sparrow Scout badges as possible. Her mum asked Mrs Halgrim if she could give her more homework because she got 99% instead of 100%, and, you guessed it, the school president incident, the room, the very thing that caused fighting between the trio. But, like, people tend to forget that they are just 11, they are just kids, and they are meant to make mistakes. There are still rooms for growing for her, and in the end, she apologized without words, but with actions, proving that they are friends. As for Season 2, not really. Her flaws are still there, but just a bit more subtle, In "The Old Bell of Trolberg", she was really nervous if she messed up with the spell, and without Hilda motivating her, she wouldn't do it. In Mountain King, she lashed out towards Kaisa and Tildy about Troll Spells, straight up stole the books, and still, she couldn't perform it and was really sad about it. Also, they tend to forget the difference between Hilda's intelligence and Frida's intelligence. Frida tends to come up with a long, detailed plan, which is alot safer, but when it fails, she is completely defenseless, as seen in "The Old Bell of Trolberg". Meanwhile, Hilda makes up plans as she goes, which is always much riskier and has higher chance if failing, but she can always make another plan when it fails, like "The Mountain King", "The Troll Rock", "The Draugen", once again, "The Old Bell of Trolberg"

As for Johanna, i know many people love her characterization, but some don't. Being unfair, being a bit more protective of Hilda, but i think it is reasonable that she is very worried. As much as she always supports Hilda's adventures, she won't ever stop her instincts of a mum, the worry instinct. So, when Hilda lied about Sparrow Scout activities, it upsetted her, it made her sad that she couldn't know her daughter's safety if she gave false infos like that. And she was not happy with grounding Hilda either. She really didn't know what to do in these situations, if she didn't ground Hilda, she wouldn't learn her lessons but if she did... Hilda would be very sad, thinkung her mum didn't want her to go on a journey anymore. Really, what was she supposed to do in these situations. But i believed, in the end, she admitted that she was wrong, she wanted Hilda to never change who she really was, and at the end, she let Hilda go to Trolberg to stop the Troll-Human conflict. Of course she was worried sick, but she put a trust in her daughter, she believed she was a special kid, she knew what had to be done to stop all of this. And all of this, with very few verbal words... it is much more effective than a verbal apology. After all, actions are worth greater

What do you think of this analysis? I know i am not perfect, so share me your opinions

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Funny Flag of Argentina but you'll never unsee it

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Photo / Screenshot I agree with this guy.

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Art Lofi Beat for adventurers to sketch down their journeys, their experiences

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Discussion How do you all think David's and Frida's respective parents, and Hilda's mum would react?


Here is a question for everyone, for drawing and writing purposes.

Please tell me if it is inappropriate for this subreddit. Thanks

How would the parents of David, Frida, and Hilda's mum react?

If they found out that David, Frida, and Hilda were smoking in secret.

Additional info: David, Frida, and Hilda are already 25 years old and they have been doing it since they are 18 years old (Based on the legal smoking age in most countries )

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Meme Hilda Meme Pack - u/balls-ballz edition

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Discussion What if Hilda got Spider-Man's powers?


She'll have Spider-Man's basic powers, example super strength, sticking to walls, spidey-sense, organic webs etc. She also got these powers after being bitten by a spider while on one of her adventures, how would she uses these new found powers?

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Discussion Who's your favorite character and why?


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Art Willem DaHilda

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Funny Hilda and the Mountain King but I toke the Troll-Human war too far

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Funny Kaisa, what are you doing next to Saberspark talking about Shrek?

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Art Shoot!

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Art week ting time


Another week, another poll. Let's see what you guys want!

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Meme Oh no

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Discussion Do you think there's any way Amma could be safely removed from under the city ?


I mean, it would feel pretty unfair to her if the show ended with her still being stuck underneath the city indefinitely.

She's sacrificed her own freedom and being with her own children for probably hundreds of years for the sake of the people who live in the city.

And I just can't help but imagine that there could be some way Frida or Tildy, could use some form magic that could teleport her from under the city to somewhere safe.

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Art Being alone makes you think and understand many things

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Meme The 3 types of people locating Trollberg (meta meme)

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Meme POV: 2022

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Writing I have uploaded the final Chapter of my Fanfic: Dinner at Gerda's- The Reorganisation.


My final Chapter Dinner at Gerda's is up now.

Link to the chapter.